Cities celebrates its 35,000th selfie for Brussels!

Over the last six months, the panoramic selfie installations in Brussels recorded an impressive 35,000 generated videos. Taking into account that the Grand Place installation was closed over the previous 2 months (it will be back for Spring), that's really positive. At the Atomium, the installation generates an average of 5,000 panoramic selfies per month.

The tourists visiting Brussels have adopted the service, and the touchscreen outdoor kiosks are doing the job. For, those two permanent and self-served installations have provided a lot of exciting learnings both in terms of guest experience and on the technical side.

Huge success for the panoramic selfie installation at the Atomium

Originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels World's Fair (Expo 58), the Atomium is one of the most touristic places in Belgium.

Designed by the engineer André Waterkeyn and architects André and Jean Polak, it stands 102 m (335 ft) tall. Its nine 18 m (60 ft) diameter stainless steel clad spheres are connected so that the whole forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.

For the city of Brussels, it was obvious that a permanent panoramic selfie should be installed there. Since July, this is the case: every day, the tourists visiting Atomium are offered to take their free panoramic selfie and share their memories with their friends.

Our cameras are installed in a tower and pointing towards the touchscreen kiosk located on the platform. set up camp in Nijmegen during the Vierdaagsefeesten

For 7 days, the Vierdaagsefeesten offers the biggest and most vibrant party with 38 stages featuring approximately 3000 artists. Every year, the event attracts more than 360.000 visitors to the inner city of Nijmegen, the oldest city of the Netherlands. 

To promote its destination, the city of Nijmegen asked us to install our panoramic selfie system during this very popular event  - the largest freely accessible event in the Netherlands, and the fourth largest event in Europe.


Knokke celebrates summer with panoramic selfies

Knokke - the prestigious and very exclusive Belgian seaside resort fancied the panoramic selfie for its "Ceci n'est pas une avenue" event. 

They have asked Eventattitude - our Belgian partner for events - to operate the selfie capture solution at Lippenslaan, and the sun was part of it! 

The people were invited to sit in a giant deckchair to get their panoramic selfie taken from our system located on the top of a building.

Brussels opts for panoramic selfie to facilitate its promotion abroad

Summer is coming, and along with it, its flow of tourists on the Grand Place.  After the success of the campaigns carried out on the initiative of Philippe Close, the City, in collaboration with the Brussels-Capital Region, has decided to rekindle a promotion campaign, through panoramic selfie, a technology designed by the Belgian start-up,

For Karine Lalieux, Deputy Burgomaster of Culture, Tourism, Major Events and Public Cleanliness, the aim of this system is clear: “The tourists who come to Brussels are our best ambassadors. With panoramic selfie, we want to give them the opportunity to show Brussels at its best, by sharing it on social networks and instant messaging”.

Since last Thursday, the tourists visiting the Grand Place can trigger a shooting device placed out on one of the roofs, from a terminal. Eventually, they receive a short video by email, which starts centred on them, then zooms out spectacularly to offer a panoramic view of the place.

For, the start-up which created this technology, this permanent facility represents a return to their roots. “In the past months, we have been operating panoramic selfie on events all over the world.    So, we are thrilled to propose our panoramic selfie system to tourists visiting Brussels, because it’s here that everything started, and it’s a fair reward for Brussels to be the first city in the world offering this service permanently”, adds Raphaël de Borman, the co-founder of

The panoramic selfie terminal is located right in front of the Tourist Information Desk.  You can access it at any time throughout the day until 5:30 pm.

Sunset at Miami Beach provides with a five star playground to test its technology...

A few weeks ago, we were in Florida for an important site survey (more info to come) and we've taken this opportunity to make some demos in Miami.

South Pointe Park Pier offers plenty of possibilities and passers-by were more than happy to take part in this improvised test session!

Here are two shots with our friends Lindsay and Javier:  

Tourists in Brussels get the bigger picture at Iris Festival

Iris Festival 2018 provided an opportunity for Visitbrussels to promote its destination with our panoramic selfie solution. Located in the wonderful Mont des Arts area, the selfie station was crowded during the whole weekend...

Don't you think that the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany (France) deserves more than a selfie?

This week, our team was in Bretagne to finalise the details for a summer installation in an amazing location - stay tuned!

We took this opportunity to unlock the full visual potential of this lovely region and organised a demo session in Ploumanac'h.

The Pink Granite Coast, so-called because of the colour of its rocks, is one of the most beautiful stretches of Brittany’s coastline. The area is renowned for its unusual rock formations, the best of which can be found on the coastal path between Perros-Guirec and the port of Ploumanac’h.
We concentrated our tests around the lighthouse Mean Ruz.  Built in 1860 and destroyed in 1944, it had been rebuilt in pink granite in 1947. The view is beautiful, and the huge pink granite blocks are impressive.

Demos from Hong Kong

On our way to Macao, we've made a stop in Hong Kong.  This was the perfect opportunity to make some demos in this amazing destination...

At first, we went to Victoria Peak - Hong Kong Island's highest point and a landmark of the Hong Kong skyline.

Then, we went to Central Harbourfront, just next to the Hong Kong Observation Wheel and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum...

Before flying back to Brussels, we've made a stop in the Nan Lian Garden - a Chinese Classical Garden in Diamond Hill. The garden has an area of 3.5 hectares. It is designed in the Tang Dynasty-style with hills, water features, trees, rocks and wooden structures.

Mulhouse and join together to make their visitors’ Christmas market experience unforgettable

It’s true that nothing warms you better than having a great time on a cold winter evening. 

Since last weekend, hundreds of locals and tourists who visit the traditional Mulhouse Christmas market are getting on the Ferris wheel, sipping hot wine, tasting churros with chocolate... and taking their panoramic selfies. 

The fun experience and a magical view attracts a lot of curious people to capture their best moment while enjoying the market. You also have the chance to take your panoramic selfie with your family and friends every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and share it with others. 

So, put on your gloves, your smile and come to Mulhouse! tests its new permanent installation at Grand Place, Brussels

Over the last 2 weeks, has been running tests on its permanent panoramic selfie installation at Grand Place, Brussels.

Demo from the Saint-Etienne Temple in Mulhouse

From 24th of November till 26th of December we'll have a temporary installation set up on the top of Saint-Etienne Temple.

This Protestant church was built between 1858 and 1868, designed by J.B. Schacre in the highly fashionable Neo-Gothic style. Located on the Place de la Réunion, Saint-Etienne Temple is also a mecca of culture at the heart of the city with concerts, exhibitions and events.

Everyone attending the Christmas Market (on Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun) will get their free panoramic selfie. Don't miss it!

Eat Brussels 2017 goes for panoramic selfie too!

For the sixth consecutive year, the Brussels-Capital Region and the City of Brussels organised their Brussels’ culinary festival, eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX.

We were asked by Visit Brussels (the Brussels tourist agency) to set up a panoramic selfie activation in the Royal Park.

More than 1.500 participants were happy to experience this new kind of souvenir...  Among them, many tourists played the game by striking the pose.  Check this one!

First collaboration with Visit Brussels during the Comic Strip Festival

The Brussels Comic Strip Festival is the main event for all comic strip fans. Whether young or old, amateur or expert, tourist or Brussels local, merchant or buyer, there is something for everyone in the wide variety of activities on offer.

For this 8th edition, Visit Brussels (the Brussels tourist agency) asked us to set up a panoramic selfie experience in the Royal Park.

Over the 3 days, enthusiast's participants coming from Brussels or being in town for a city-trip made no less than 600 panoramic selfies...  Here is an example !

The panoramic selfie set up will again be used exactly at the same location on next weekend for the Brussels’ culinary festival, eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX.

This is The Hague city marketing campaign - summer'17

For this first collaboration with the City of The Hague, tourists were invited to make a spectacular selfie at the Pier in Scheveningen with the skyline of The Hague on the background! From Friday 21st until 23rd July, the panoramic selfie technology was experienced for the first time in the Netherlands. 

Our superzoom photo device was installed on top of the famous Pier in Scheveningen - an icon on the Dutch coast. With its light, broad thoroughfares, industrial décor, traditional food trucks, a Ferris wheel, a zip line, hotel suites and relaxed beach atmosphere, The Pier offers visitors a unique experience in a historical location. 

We couldn't have dreamed of a better place to showcase our solution...

This campaign also brought some valuable media coverage... 

DHTV news
ADTV news

Let's go selfie The Hague this week-end!

Make a spectacular selfie at the Pier in Scheveningen with the skyline of The Hague on the background! From Friday 21st until 23rd July, this innovative concept can be experienced for the first time in the Netherlands. You'll have the opportunity to trigger a photo device placed up to 250 meters from you.

The final result is a panoramic selfie: a short video that zooms out from the original location to end on a beautiful panorama. A great souvenir when you're visiting The Hague! 

Our superzoom photo device will be installed on top of the famous Pier in Scheveningen - an icon on the Dutch coast. With its light, broad thoroughfares, industrial décor, traditional food trucks, a Ferris wheel, a zip line, hotel suites and relaxed beach atmosphere, The Pier offers visitors a unique experience in a historical location. 

See you in The Hague!

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