Let's go selfie The Hague this week-end!

Make a spectacular selfie at the Pier in Scheveningen with the skyline of The Hague on the background! From Friday 21st until 23rd July, this innovative concept can be experienced for the first time in the Netherlands. You'll have the opportunity to trigger a photo device placed up to 250 meters from you.

The final result is a panoramic selfie: a short video that zooms out from the original location to end on a beautiful panorama. A great souvenir when you're visiting The Hague! 

Our superzoom photo device will be installed on top of the famous Pier in Scheveningen - an icon on the Dutch coast. With its light, broad thoroughfares, industrial décor, traditional food trucks, a Ferris wheel, a zip line, hotel suites and relaxed beach atmosphere, The Pier offers visitors a unique experience in a historical location. 

See you in The Hague!

More info, click here.