Brussels opts for panoramic selfie to facilitate its promotion abroad

Summer is coming, and along with it, its flow of tourists on the Grand Place.  After the success of the campaigns carried out on the initiative of Philippe Close, the City, in collaboration with the Brussels-Capital Region, has decided to rekindle a promotion campaign, through panoramic selfie, a technology designed by the Belgian start-up,

For Karine Lalieux, Deputy Burgomaster of Culture, Tourism, Major Events and Public Cleanliness, the aim of this system is clear: “The tourists who come to Brussels are our best ambassadors. With panoramic selfie, we want to give them the opportunity to show Brussels at its best, by sharing it on social networks and instant messaging”.

Since last Thursday, the tourists visiting the Grand Place can trigger a shooting device placed out on one of the roofs, from a terminal. Eventually, they receive a short video by email, which starts centred on them, then zooms out spectacularly to offer a panoramic view of the place.

For, the start-up which created this technology, this permanent facility represents a return to their roots. “In the past months, we have been operating panoramic selfie on events all over the world.    So, we are thrilled to propose our panoramic selfie system to tourists visiting Brussels, because it’s here that everything started, and it’s a fair reward for Brussels to be the first city in the world offering this service permanently”, adds Raphaël de Borman, the co-founder of

The panoramic selfie terminal is located right in front of the Tourist Information Desk.  You can access it at any time throughout the day until 5:30 pm.