Destinations and Selfies – A Perfect Union!

The selfie has become a new form of art and expressionism over the last decade and is cultural phoneme that is arguably here to stay. Theme parks, attractions and other tourist destinations are exceptionally popular locations for taking and sharing selfies. The smartphone, accessibility to Wi-Fi and popularity of social media have combined to create a utopia for tourist destinations as the visitor becomes a promoter of the destination which is amplified to their family and friends. For the destination, this is a win-win as most consumers today are more trusting of social recommendations and word of mouth when planning their next activity.

These destination-promoting selfies act as endorsements of where to go in your free time, where to book a holiday, or what theme park or museum to visit next. Destinations even promote selfie taking with iconic symbols for their cities and or the use of hashtags so once posted and shared there is no doubt where the selfie was taken. 

Destinations can improve and recruit more of their visitors to act as promoters to drive more visitors to their destination. With a better-quality selfie or User Generated Content such as a selfie, destinations can further broaden their reach to attract even more visitors.

At, we empower iconic attractions, destinations and sponsors around the globe to get the big picture. Our innovative panoramic selfie technology provides an immersive and engaging iconic selfie taking-point. Once the guests spot the remote cameras located 150 meters away, the selfie is triggered. The guests can then purchase their panoramic selfie in the form of a ‘digital postcard video’ that is first an up-close zoom of the guests; then it pans out to show the iconic area in its full panoramic view.  The visitor can then post their selfie promoting the destination with the most amazing selfie.

Photography and theme parks provide excellent opportunities to purchase a photo with our favourite characters, in front of iconic castles or while testing our limits on roller coasters. The selfie gives new life to attraction photo concessionaires with much-needed innovation with the panoramic selfie at a time where print photo purchase are on the decline and selfie-taking is on the rise. unlocks missed opportunities and helps destinations and photography operators ‘get the big picture.’