Seasonal installations

Cité des Télécoms gets its famous radome captured in every guest picture!

This summer, the largest European centre dedicated to telecommunications was offering a free panoramic selfie capture for every guest.

The outdoor touchscreen kiosk located near the entrance allowed guest to trigger a remote camera and instantly receive their panoramic selfie video delivered in their mailbox.

Have a look at the result! It's the perfect shot to capture the impressive Radôme - a giant white bubble 50 metres high protecting a radar antenna. to capture panoramic selfies at Cité des Télécoms this summer

This museum Owned by France Telecom Orange is located in Brittany (France).  It attracts more than 80.000 visitors every year. The site is well-known for its radome - a truly unique building, listed as a Historic Monument and a 20th-century heritage site.

Of course, the enormous 50m-high sphere will be the perfect background for our panoramic selfie installation!