launches leading-edge ‘Panoramic Selfie’ image technology for events and brand activations

New technology lets consumers move seamlessly from extreme close-up to extreme zoom out...

Young innovative Belgian start-up has launched a revolutionary new high-tech version of the selfie, which starts with a close-up and then zooms out further and further so the picture includes surrounding scenery.

Created for use at festivals and outdoor events or as a part of experiential campaigns, the new Panoramic Selfie works by combining close-up selfie images taken using a smartphone with other images taken by super zoom cameras located in a distance, from 200 metres to 400 meters away from the subject.

Sophisticated software then seamlessly marries together these images, turning them into a video which delivers the zoom out effect, from the initial extreme close-up selfie to the long-distance shot. The resulting video sequence can be instantly branded with the event logo or that of a sponsor and is immediately sent to the consumer’s email address. It can also be viewed on a customised branded website and shared with friends via various social media platforms.

The whole Panoramic Selfie activation is controlled and delivered by brand ambassadors, who explain how the Panoramic Selfie works to consumers, demonstrating the process and showing people where they should stand and which direction they should be looking for the remote cameras.

Raphaël de Borman, CEO of, says: “Event organisers and sponsor brands know how powerful images are at leveraging experiential activations and driving consumer engagement. The Panoramic Selfie offers an enhanced image experience that goes way beyond the static picture that consumers can achieve themselves with their own phones. It gives them an extra incentive to engage with the event or the brand. That means they will be downloading and sharing the branded videos – which we can track using our special software, so we can deliver huge amounts of information on reach and ROI.”

In addition to driving engagement and measurability, the Panoramic Selfie is also the kind of brand activations that brings an added-value for event and festival organisers – with the unique ‘zoom out’ selfies it creates, you can see far more of what’s going on at the event than you’d get in the usual extreme close-up selfie! It’s a really exciting opportunity to wow the audience at any outdoor event and to show off to people who aren’t there just how much fun they’re missing – and why they should try to be there next time.