Turn your tourists into ambassadors!

More than ever, cities and regions are in competition. Place marketing has never been so hot! The Panoramic Selfie offers an enhanced image experience that goes way beyond the selfie that tourists can achieve themselves with their own phones. It gives them an extra incentive to engage with the place. That means they will be downloading and sharing the branded videos to their friends - generating social recommendation in a very powerful way.

Temporary installations in cities / City markeTing campaigns

The Pier in Scheveningen is for sure a perfect spot for this application and we were delighted to organize the first panoramic selfie campaign in The Netherlands. The technical solution is reliable and the set-up was quite easy to organize with the Panora.me team.
Despite the fact that we’ve run a short campaign (3 days), we were very happy with the results and the enthusiasm it generated on social media. Having all the metrics to analyse the ROI of the campaign is a great added value: we can really see how people share their video – whether it’s via social media or messaging.
— Arjan de Jager, Marketing coordinator - City of The Hague
We know that social recommendation is a key decision factor when planning a city trip. So, it’s important that the tourists visiting Brussels can get a nice memory of their stay and share it with their friends. The panoramic selfie campaign we made with Panora.me was exactly what we were searching for. We were very happy with the results: 20.000 people participated during the summer campaign at Grand Place and Atomium, 2 iconic places in our city. The reach was really impressive! More than 35% of the selfies have been shared at least 1 time on Facebook. We definitely want this panoramic selfie solution in permanent. It must be part of the Brussels tourist experience!
— Philippe Close, Alderman for Tourism - City of Brussels

permanent or seasonal installations in cities / DEMOS