Event organisers and sponsor brands know how powerful images are at leveraging experiential activations and driving consumer engagement. The Panoramic Selfie offers an enhanced image experience that goes way beyond the static picture that consumers can achieve themselves with their own phones. It gives them an extra incentive to engage with the event or the brand. That means they will be downloading and sharing the branded videos – which we can track using our special software, so we can deliver huge amounts of information on reach and ROI.

Temporary installations on events

DEWA @ Earth Hour Dubai, 2017

Viva For Life in Charleroi, 2016

Zappos @ Life is Beautiful Las Vegas, 2016

EAS Opening Reception in Tibidabo Park Barcelona, 2016

La Libre @ Brussels International Book Fair, 2017

Opening Europa in Brussels, 2016

Belgian F1 Grand Prix in Francorchamps, 2016

Authentic Athens Marathon, 2016